Sweet Escapes Reviews

Happiness is one with nature

I had an a wonderful experience at the grand opening of Sweet Escapes! It was a day of reflection, relaxation, healthy attitudes and delicious and healthy food. I feel inspired and energized! 

Thank you for a great day Nicole and all the other amazing people that attended.  ~ Kim Cremin

 My husband and I attended the grand opening of Sweet Escapes yoga retreats today.  We had an amazing, immersive, relaxing experience with nature and yoga today.  We left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  Thank you Nicole and family for a great day. We highly recommend anyone looking to unplug and reconnect with themselves and nature to come and experience Sweet Escapes. Namaste.  ~ Kristen Cook

 Beautiful day🙏 ~ Dawn Barker

I love doing yoga with Nicole. She works with my strengths and weaknesses so nicely.  And I feel so good afterwards! ~ Pam Walsh

This was one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone that needs to escape the hustle & bustle of life. So well worth it!I felt relaxed & refreshed when I left. The Sweets are an amazing family that are ever so kind to share the piece of heaven that Sweet Escapes is located on. to you all & thank you🙏💞  ~ Jennifer Andrade

 YES ❣  A truly Glorious Life Enhancing Joy ♥️

Our Sweet Escape was both beautifully planned and unfolded seamlessly into the kind of celebration for the magic of Spring with forest flowers: Jacks in their Pulpits, Princess Pines, bluets, Easter Star,(Yea for your research, Nicole!) Violets even radiant sunshine dappling all yellow-green leaves and their swamp reflections AND Sweets’s hands at the ready to catch a misstepping elder foot.TLC noted! I was amazed by your beautiful presentation of colorful table service and so-o-o delicions everythings.All in All. . and Good Wishes to Ella, Thank You,  Nicole and Curt, for our

SuperSplendid time at your Home -

With Love,  Sue

Sweet escapes reviews



I’m still enjoying the effects of yesterdays retreat. It was a lovely day.

Thank you for your generous hospitality, for a delicious lunch, the walk, the yoga and the relaxing pace of the day! I wish you the best as you develop this new business and all your future plans for the property and your family.
Cheers, Sharyn

I attended a day long retreat at Sweet Escapes and had a wonderful day. Nicole and her husband were great hosts. We had delicious homemade food, a beautiful walk in the woods, ride on the pond, and - of course! - yoga! Looking forward to coming back again and bringing my friends. - Lisa